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Playing Cribbage with out the pegs is great, not having to move the pegs every time you score, just push a button

Led Cribbage    No Pegs !!!!

We have been working on this for some time, and are ready to introduce this 60 Leds per player, and 5 game winning leds for each player. There are 4 buttons 1 , 2 , 5 , each button is for moving the led the number of points to be scored, and then the B for going backwards, incase there is an error in pegging, and if someone goes out and wins the game but did so out of turn, and the winning point went to the wrong player, use the B Button and you will be able to score the end of the game correctly.

The Cribbage board uses 3 AAA batteries, power is low so battery life is very good.

Custom Engraving, please contact us, will need art work and your approval before we start.

There is 5 LEDs that are for winning games, if you get too far behind it will score 2 points

 60 Leds Each Player

LED Cribbage NO Pegs

Go Ahead Use Rechargeable Batteries

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